Gypsy Soul
Jordi Oliver Foto

“Distances are not so great because music travels much faster than we think it does”: Jordi Oliver.

The purpose of “Gypsy Soul” is to document the life and migration of Gypsy musicians from Turkey, India, the Balkans, Rumania, France and Spain. It was inspired by the desire to capture the essence of Gypsy culture as a journey through different lands and time, but above all through music, which constitutes the voice, the historical legacy, the identifying feature and the most well-known contribution to the world of this ethnic collective.

From Andalucía to Rajasthan – from where the Gypsies originate – “Gypsy Soul” is a photographic journey that also speaks of the marginalization and the persecution suffered by twelve million people. The challenge addressed by the project is to show Gypsy music, not only as entertainment, but also as an oral culture, a unifying means and a form of expression of a people who have managed to conserve their roots in a globalized world.

Jordi Oliver
Jordi Oliver