Visual Alphabet: A look at the cities
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Ateneu schoool  is participating alongside schools from Turkey, Italy and Sweden in an European Erasmus program project titled“Creative Minds”. This project consists in diverse activities and we coordinate the Exchange of The Visual Alphabet.

This project is based on the work done by Montserrat Oliva Segura” La Ciutat:un món per descobrir” (The Town,a world to discover) and aims to bring a new look to the environment through the concepts of visual education.

The objective of this project is not to show the historical buildings or monuments but the elements that can be found on the streets, squares, parks or houses in the towns or cities.

The purpose of this work is to educate the look, open the eyes and recognise the colours,shapes volumes, ornaments and symmetries in our environment....Also to give value and appreciation tothe artistic heritage of our cities, so as to stimulate the children to research, to become literate visually, to trigger the imagination and to develop their creative capacity.

We are glad to present our work , wishing that you enjoy the small elements of our environment that often go unnoticed. 

Escola Ateneu Igualadí