Captive time
Iefc Foto

On the basis of territory, Nature and architecture, the authors extend an invitation to recall time captured through the material present.

- Circularity - Circulare, by Silvia Miralles, as a metaphor for repetitive events that emphasize the idea of time frozen at the moment it is captured: atemporality.
- Camins de ronda, by Josep Maria Vidal, the sense of permanence remaining on those moments and the transience of time itself.
- September, by Pablo Breva, where the memory of pleasant times spent on the sea shore gives rise to thoughts about space, absence and presence.

Captive Time consists of projects undertaken during the 2019, IEFC Photography de Auteur course imparted by Jaume Buxeda.

Institut d’Estudis Fotogràfics de Catalunya