New York street
Juan Manuel Rosas Foto

The identity of a people resides in “making culture”, by transforming into roots the events and facts that have marked their lives. 

In order for a young people shaped by an ethnic and cultural diversity and ancient traditions to attain unity, it is vitally important to establish historical landmarks of the events that have brought them together in pursuit of their own destiny and a better life. Without such a basis, one will always drift between egotism and the insufficiency of individual action.

New York Street constitutes a historic location steeped in memory, a symbol of the factors that have shaped the history of the south of the Río de la Plata: immigration, cold storage and the port, The site of workers’ struggles, it was at the forefront of the demonstration that took place in October, 1945. More than 10,000 workers commenced a march from New York Street on the most significant day of political and social protest in Argentina in the 20th century.

Juan Manuel Rosas
Juan Manuel Rosas