Lluis Estopinan Foto

On the concept of the "other side" of things or people; the "other faces" of reality or of ourselves, I recontextualize and give new meaning to images and frameworks. 

The reverse side of old photographs bearing inscriptions, stains, numbers, and scraps of glue and paper from photo albums... I reattach them to wooden boards on the back of which they appear in a "collage", like a new photographic surface that reveals another kind of memory. After that, with liquid emulsion in a darkroom, I create a new image by means of old negatives of
people photographed from behind or in a meditative pose. Reverse side on reverse side. Invisible faces...Hidden Memory... My aim with this work is to provide a reflection on the shifting nature and unattainability of our memories.

Lluis Estopinan
Lluís Estopiñan