Castles are not for princesses
Mireia Comas Foto Web

Strength, balance, bravery and wisdom. These four words summarize what you will find in the images on show in this exhibition. Four words that not only reflect the castles and the castellers, but which also speak to us about Catalonia and the values that Catalan culture and Catalans themselves show every day to the world.

Four words that conceal many other words: steadfastness, work, trust, friendship, perseverance ... so many that we would need a hundred more rooms like this to hold them all. But let’s stick with the essence, with effort and joy, victory and defeat; stick with what the photographs you are about to see will explain to you. And when you leave you will do so knowing a little more about this passion: the castles, and a country – Catalonia.

Ever since she was a little girl, while her friends played at being princesses, Mireia had another hobby, scaling castles, which is where her love for this Catalan tradition began.