Mirrors and butterflies
2Museu de la Pell
Cristofol Casanovas

An art project that explores the metamorphosis of stone into allegory and transformation. Static figures that begin to move, altering their meaning.

Works in a process that began in 2016, with a selection being displayed in this exhibition.

We are on the hillside of Montjuic in Barcelona, within a romantic garden called Laribal, which was designed by Le Forestier a century ago. At the main entrance, a satyr’s head watches over the female figures on the inside. They pose among trees, fountains, waterfalls, and stairways.

Roser Garcia, both inspiration and poetess, enters into a dialogue with the sculptures, nature and architecture. Cristóbal Casanovas arranges and depicts scenes. The result: images and poems. Inner and outer reflections of the relationships between photographer, poet and setting.

Cristofol Casanovasf
Cristòfol Casanovas