ENCLOSED SPACE (The Calella lighthouse)
Gullem Torne

An approach to the cosmology of visual depiction.

This exhibition seeks to provide a tool for reflecting upon reality, perception and representation. It clearly manifests the spherical nature of the space that surrounds us, and through the continuous depiction around a point this infinite continuity of reality reveals to us the boundaries of spatial segmentation (focus).

The exhibition deals with the symbolic appraisal of images or iconographic certainty, and not of the degree of approach to reality, the meaning of depictions and the importance of the point of appreciation, of the format or the relationship of the reality shown, of the seduction of spectators, of spatial perception, etc.

We photograph what we see, yet as Leonardo da Vinci states, we can deceive ourselves and even fail if we think without reasoning.

Guillem Tornef
Guillem Torné Agustí