El Observatorio Foto

El Observatorio is a space for photographic creation and a dedicated educational setting for photography de auteur and visual narrative. Far from traditional schools, its aim is to provide a free and welcoming environment in which to create and engage.

PLUR by Mora Dorrego is rooted in the need to explore other forms of identity and expression, and above all question my own view of gender. Through the people I portray, their stories, their struggles, the manner in which they contest the rules – I can construct my own reality and allow myself a new way of finding myself.

Anita and Margarita by Anna Roura: Immersing myself in the lives of my two grandmothers. Having Cola-Cao chocolate and milk for breakfast, feeding crumbs to the birds, and finding all the right letters for word games. Catching all the whys and wherefores in the world. Pretending that dogmas are monsters and that silences are avoided by hugging trees.