A light breeze, the relentless surf and, under the slow beat of his heart, the breath of the hunter-photographer, the trapper ready to pounce.

Know exactly what you want to obtain and take the time you need, he says. I stop often, look at the surroundings through the lens, and only take a photo if it suits me. If it's just a question of light, I come back another day at the right time! The moment depends on the length of the shadows. Action/Reflection. 

Radisic composes his pictures like a painter, color by color. “I arrange the image’s different components in layers that I work on separately: density, contrast, shade, luminosity, clarity. In the end, I bring it all together. The forms are not edited or disguised, except for the adjustment of the perspectives in those with constructed fragments. Serendipitous coincidences create continuity between a range of features.

Georges Meurant

Pierre Radisic
Pierre Radisic