Visual Notebooks
Aula Lidia Carbonel Foto

We form a modest but demanding classroom. We have a good time and enjoy making the effort to learn. We understand photography as a means of expression and a way of looking at the world, at others and ourselves.

“Visual Notebooks” consists of the creative process of amateur students of photography. This year we are showing a compilation of what we have been working on, from the blank page to the creation of a Visual Notebook, which we intend to exhibit next year. It is necessary to materialize the work; making the whole of the project visible and subjecting it to the appraisal of others turns it into an ouevre.

Free but profound visual thought has given way to a silent narrative, which by means of “Visual Notebooks” expresses the creative capacity and highlights the fact that everyone projects their own world in order to understand the world.

Aula de Fotografia Lídia Carbonell