Crow People
Exilio Emilo Santiago Foto

Crow People is a photographic and digital art project conducted in Japan in 2018.

By depicting the “salary men” as prototype workers in a hyperdeveloped society, and the electricity pylons as symbols of a system whose tentacles spread throughout the urban environment, a metaphor of social alienation is created. 

The characters who appear in it wriggle and writhe, gasp for breath, resign themselves to their fate… With almost hieratical faces, seized with vertigo they are afraid that, should they manage to free themselves from the web in which they are entangled, it would give way and plunge them into the abyss. In this scenario, the project invites us to reflect on the meaning of concepts such as liberty, free will, control, self-realization and alienation, and deprived of generally accepted common-sense they become a blank page on which they are redefined at the will of the onlooker.

Exilio Emilio Santiago
EXILIO, Emilio Santiago