Flying Without Wind
Grisart Foto

In March 2022, I lost my grandfather, and my life was turned upside down. Overcome by his absence, photographs were the only means I had to enable me to describe what I was feeling.

These photographs embody the phases of pain and peace through which I’ve passed, and alongside which I’ve lived for the last few months.

In addition, the bird that appears here also inspires the title Flying Without Wind, and also occupies an important place in this story and in my life. It is a symbol of peace and also of freedom. It is because of this the last photograph takes on full significance, since with it I try to convey the sensation of letting my grandad go, and although no wind blows, like the birds he may fly away freely, and we can all carry on.

Irene Monteagudo Tudela

Irene Monteagudo - GrisArt