The tribes of the Omo Valley and Southern Ethiopia
Joanjo Salmeron Foto

It is often said that a trip to the south of Ethiopia is like going back to the stone age. This is far from the truth since there is ample evidence of “civilization”. However, it is one of the regions where the customs, the rituals, and the way the human body is displayed have endured the longest over time.

While it is true that many of these characteristics are influenced by tourism, what can be seen in the markets and villages is undoubtedly authentic and has remained virtually unchanged for centuries.

I have a passion for Africa, especially for Ethiopia and its people. Every tribe has traits that are unique. Both men and women embellish their bodies and their hair in a way that beguiles for every instance, whether for going to the market or for ceremonial occasions. And I who have been there have always sought the opportunity to remark on it. 


Joanjo Salmeron
Joanjo Salmeron