The Kalash
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The Kalash are a small ethnic community who inhabit the valleys of the Hindukush, in the Chitral District to the north-east of Pakistan.

They believe themselves to be descendants of the troops of Alexander the Great who settled in the area some 23 centuries ago. This community of indigenous people consists of approximately 4,000 inhabitants whose unique culture is currently at risk of disappearance.

The Kalash have many characteristics that distinguish them from the surrounding population. They are fair-skinned and have blue or green eyes and contribute to the ancient legend that they are the descendants of Greek soldiers who fought with Alexander the Great in Pakistan around 300 BCE.

While their neighboring populations are Muslims, the Kalash have managed to preserve their ancient customs and practices. Although they are polytheist, nature nevertheless plays a significant and spiritual role in their daily lives.

Josep Blanch
Josep Blanch