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30” is a project by the ethnographic photographic workshop conducted by the Basque artist, Asier Gogortza, and is addressed to young people.

Based on his own vision, the main aim consists of a collective reading of the life of communities, converted into an exhibition. In order to facilitate this creative dynamic, two image cultures are contrasted: analogue photography by means of a pinhole camera, which requires slow observation and a long exposure time of 30 seconds in order to obtain the image, together with the immediacy of digital photography. These two photographic approaches reflect different conceptions of time and the relationship with the surroundings.

The workshop has the technical support of Maria Moix and Jana Sanllehi. Èric Alcoberro is responsible for the audiovisual part, while Ricard Espelt is in charge of the conceptualization and coordination of the project.

Aser Gogorza
Asier Gogortza