Creators of Conscience
5Museu de la Pell

Work by forty photographers that makes up a map of facts that are a truthful portrait of the dilemmas facing the world community.

“Creators of Conscience” is a project arising from an initiative by DKV Salud, an organization that celebrates the 20th anniversary of its social work with the commitment to highlighting the profession of photojournalists and the recognition of their invaluable work; shining a light on darkness and giving a voice to the voiceless.

The work of these professionals is at the forefront of veracity in reportage and on whose shoulders rests the credibility of the media that publishes their images. They carry out work that is consciously silent and vocational, involving a high level of risk and often in disregard for their own safety and financial security.

The work of the forty photographers exhibited here constitute a map of events that add up to a faithful depiction of the issues facing the international community, both in the present and in the future. A graphic portrait consisting of images that speak of commitment, personal testimony and professional excellence.