The nativity of stories
Escola De Tarragona

The EADT presents the work by two students who seek to discover in the first person the stories that lie behind families.

To that end, they search from the outside to relive and understand the stories that form part of family life. Photography provides them with the tool that gives form to their curiosity by casting a nostalgic glance into the past.

In his work “Genesis”, Dani Rosales Parra explores religion and spirituality as an essential part of human experience. In this endeavour he investigates faith, rituals and practices in the context of the Christian religion from an external perspective.

Maria Navarro de la Torre experiences in the first person her work “I’m still travelling”, a project in which she presents us with a journey as an individual catharsis, giving form to the sense of abstraction produced by being on the road. Without departing from memory, which is always part of her journey.

Escola d’Art i Disseny de Tarragona