Landscapes of memory
Leandre Cristofol

Deco, by Jana Zurita, tribute to the memory of my father; and, El Mas del Hereu, by Neus Blanco, living testimony of the history of the Segrià region.

“Dheco by Jana Zurita consists of a heartfelt tribute to the memory of my father. Through the exploration of shared objects and memories, this project enables me to retrace his footsteps and his presence in my life after passing away when I was just 14 years old. Despite his physical absence, I still feel very close to him, like a guardian angel who remains with me every step of the way.

Built in 1921, Neus Blanco’s farmhouse “El Mas de l'Hereu" is a living testimony to the history of the county of Segrià. The fertile earth and the imprint of time are fragments of an era. Today, this historical legacy leaves an indelible mark on the memory of this land. This work constitutes a portrait of what remains of the house that enables us to reflect on the memory, the identity and the passage of time.

EAM Leandre Cristòfol