Accompanying Rosa
5Museu de la Pell
Gisela Pretel Imatge

A photographic documentary project in which, by means of the history of the protagonist, Rosa, the author seeks to understand what it is like to be an adult suffering from morbid obesity in Spain.

To that end, we undertake a long journey lasting for more than 4 years (2018-2022) to explore the underlying causes which throughout her life have led her to struggle with this illness, accompanying her hopefully on the road to recovery as well as to overcoming her fall into depression. Ultimately, the project depicts the constant struggle against a chronic illness involving many factors, in a situation where the stigma attached to this condition only intensifies.

Winner of Beca DKV del XXI Seminario de fotografía y Periodismos de Albarracín.

Gisela Pretel
Gisela Pretel