La Estrella: Martín i Sinforosa
7Espais del Rec
Marc Prades Foto

Although Martín and Sinforosa no longer live in La Estrella (The Star) they will always form a part of it.

They lived alone together in this little rural village in Aragón of some 300 inhabitants which, forgotten by the authorities and lacking the possibility of employment, gradually became depopulated. 

I remember the first time that Kike (@elmakidelpincho) introduced me to this place, after which I began to explore it some decades ago thanks to Martín’s generosity and Sinforosa’s smile.

These photographs are dedicated to them, since my grandparents and an entire generation lived in this land, respecting the surroundings, the fields, the animals, the people and their communities.

Marc Prades
Marc Prades Fonollosa