On clear days you see Europe
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In his "Metamorphosis", Ovid tells the story of Europa, a Phoenician princess whose beauty captivated the Greek god Zeus.

By adopting the form of a white bull, Zeus attracted Europa and ravished her, plunging into the sea while she was riding on his back and transporting her from the East to the West, until arriving on the island of Crete, where he founded a new civilization that now carries her name.

Contemporary accounts speak of different faces, women who have made displacement a form of affirmation.

These images constitute the restitution of a pathway, a constellation of possibilities that lead us to construct a new critical and post-colonial perspective of cultural contamination, with an emphasis on the dialogue woven by women which, from the shores of Tangier in Morocco, question the concepts of otherness and identity.

Images : Myriam Meloni Texts : Sonia Borsato

Myriam Meloni
Myriam Meloni