Igualada City Awards for Artistic Creation
14Mercat de la Masuca
Premi Ciutat D Igualada

Igualada City Awards for Artistic Creation are prizes given by the Igualada Local Authority through its Department of Cultural Promotion, in partnership with various local entities.

The photography award consists of the Procopi Llucià prize, which has the backing of the local photography society – Agrupació Fotogràfica de Igualada (AFI). Although the basic priority is the documentary value of the photographs, consideration is also given to the author’s personal vision in the search for spontaneous and original images.

The prize bears the name of one of the AFI’s founders in 1930; an author who photographed places and events that are part of the local history of both the city itself and its surrounding area. This photographer’s work provided the kernel for the Municipal Photographic Archive.

The best author in 2023 is Toni Barbany.

Toni Barbany