Poetic imagery

In this 2024 edition of FineArt, the fourth-year degree students of Audiovisual Media at the TecnoCampus university propose a selection of their work belonging to the “Documentary Photography” elective project, as well as the end of course assignment (TFG) consisting of the most notable new perspectives from some of the students.

Furthermore, given the quality of the work, photographs from the “Photographic Projects” of second-year Audiovisual Media degree students are also included.

All the works contain “poetic images” that go far beyond the documentary nature inherent to the subjects in question. On the basis of different subject matter, the subjective approach of each student is expressed in the photographs on display.

The TFG by Àlex Agüera consists of an immersive vindication of the creative world of graffiti artists, while Julia Ginjaum’s TFG is a return to her childhood and that by Marc Bonet is in tune with the creation of this poetic imagery.

Photo: "El zarzal", de Marc Bonet

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