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Ángel Prat, the son of a farming family in Berga and a self-taught photographer, is a paradigmatic artist from the second half of the 20 th century who learnt from such specialised magazines as Arte Fotográfico, being influenced by sundry contemporary artistic trends, such as late pictorialism, the new avant-garde, and graphic journalism.
He has used the influences of contemporary authors and styles to seek his own voice, which he has managed to express forcefully from his farming setting and through rural subject matter, while not overlooking the prior work of preparation and creation in order to produce images of the highest quality.
Ángel Prat’s eye and camera perfectly portray all the jobs on a farm, the artistic and bucolic landscape of late pictorialism, the modernity of avant-garde photography, and the chronicles of graphic journalism.
Virgínia Parramon - Creator of Logos Berguedà
Sònia Granel Marín - Curator