Projects developed within the course Documentary Photography de Auteur
Observatorio Foto Cataleg

The Observatory is an open project in constant evolution dedicated to teaching photography within a friendly and welcoming environment that provides a common ground for learning, experimenting and reflecting on photography and the importance of "looking".
We understand the photographic act to be the outcome of a subjective process, and so we refuse to foster any one specific genre or style. Instead we believe in an approachable, sincere and original perspective on photography.
The project is coordinated by the photographers Eugeni Gay and Camilla de Maffei with the backing of the finest photographers in Spain today, forming a team that is fully committed to the learning process. The work on display in this exhibition has been produced within the 2015-16 course “Documentary Photography de Auteur”. Over nine months, Juan, Anna, Nieves, Mari Carmen, Emmanuele, Felipe, Bet-Sabè, Amanda and Nuria have been working hard.