Daniel Casanovas Daniel Casanovas

Nparanpare is the winning exhibition in the sixteenth edition of Joves Fotògraf(e)s, organised by INSPAI, Girona provincial authority's image centre.

The show consists of thirty colour photographs, in which Daniel Casanovas constructs a distinctive discourse with the aim of changing our preconceived ideas about Africa.

Casanovas concentrates on graphically portraying life in the small village of Boulembou, set in the middle of the Senegalese savannah, 30 kilometres from Gambia. Casanovas tells us how, rooted in rural tradition, "The village lives a happy everyday life." This is why, as the title of the reportage, the photographer has chosen the evocative word “Nparanpare”, which means “beautiful” in Sarahulle, the language spoken in Boulembou.

Daniel Casanovas