Woman you must be
Afomir Foto

With this exhibition, the women belonging to “Afomir” wish to show women in the context of their roles in society.

The mask represents a woman who for years has led a life hidden beneath a social role, and who, despite being the protagonist of her own story, has been relegated to the background both personally and professionally.

Confined within this role, with this exhibition we wish to assert the equality of rights between women and men, regardless of gender or social status. We also seek to break with the stereotypes surrounding women. We are free individuals with the right to determine for ourselves how we want to love, dress, work … and make our own decisions.

This is an exhibition mounted respectfully and based on the vision and perspective of many women at different moments in their lives, and on their most intimate and personal experiences.

Photographers: Adelina Putellas, Carme Canelada, Eulalia Gil, Helen Llores ,Jael Álvarez, Margarida Nadal, Maria López, Pilar Gil, Rosa Leones, Yolanda Massagué, Lluïsa Vizcaíno, Maria Brucart, Rosalina Niñá, Yolanda Luque, Carmen Rosa Muñoz, Mariona Fernández, Cristina Serra.

Agrupació Fotogràfica de Montcada i Reixac