Tales to love you better
Cuentos Foto

This a photographic project based on the interpretation of different photographs from the book “Tales to Love You Better” by Àlex Rovira and Francesc Miralles. The book is a collection of thirty-five tales from the popular imagination and tradition as they are interpreted by Àlex and Francesc.

It consists of two groups of thirty-five photographs, one by amateurs and the other by professional photographers. Each photograph illustrates a tale from the book, and each tale is interpreted by a woman photographer and a male photographer.

The seventy participants involved in this project come from different places in Spain and provide us with different photographic methods and styles. Some of these photographers are amateurs and professionals, while others belong to the Spanish Photographic Federation and other photographic societies, together with Visionarios de Olympus.

All the photographs were taken with: Olympus Miroless cameras.