The southern border, in the shadow of the north
5Museu de la Pell
Marti Albesa Foto

“It’s not possible, it’s not possible!”, says a young man from Senegal in the Port of Algeciras. For three days he has been hiding under tarps that provide shade while living off meagre cheese sandwiches. There are more than 400 people waiting with him—some sleeping along the dock, others on the rescue ship. Nobody takes them to the police station, to the doctor or to an immigration service center. No one at all. Nothing.

Nothing more than sadness and resignation can be found in the eyes of these people. Persisting in their hearts there is a superhuman effort to survive the misery to which they are subjected. There are no barriers, seas or borders strong enough to divert them from their right to undertake the quest of emigration.

These photographs form part of a report carried out in the Strait of Gibraltar in August, 2018.