Rhythm of the markets
Pahisa I Prieto Foto

These photographs bear witness to thirty years of travels around markets from all over the world.

Everywhere people can be found selling things. Every day market stalls displaying merchandise for sale are set up and taken down. People walk by, stop to look, check the prices, talk to each other, pass the time, discuss the wares and establish relationships.

In the market place, people create their culture and build the traditions of their communities. Always there are silent moments full of tension, rooted in the time that passes, surrounded by the sounds of landscapes and climes. The stall- holders and the atmosphere in which they work constitute their own deeply human and particular reality.

Glances exchanged, the stalls themselves, moments of calm, a variety of different hopes and expectations … all similar to our own.

Foto Autors
Mayra Pahisa i Manel Prieto