Pepo Argilaguet Foto

She tells the story of a mannequin who, on a cold afternoon in January, became a model. Far from the commercial world of consumerism for which it had been made, I came across it in a dark and shabby workshop. 

Cast out from the real world of the imagination, I rescued it for an unusual role. It was accustomed to the gaze of passers-by keen to buy the clothes they had seen, and the veiled gaze of those who tried to see in it they body they desired, and even to undress it with their eyes. Made in accordance with the standards of beauty and/or eroticism, leaving the factory with a certain air of haughtiness, this figure made of polyethylene – transformed into the shape of a woman – envisioned perhaps the dream of becoming a person-object for more artistic ends. Dreamed of escaping from the jungle of shop-windows, from behind the glass where she was mercilessly exposed to passers-by like an animal in a zoo