The Ashes Project
Cendres Foto

The Ashes Project is an initiative undertaken by 12 women determined to show and explain the process of recovery of those who have suffered from male violence.

Together with a series of photographs, women who have been the victims of this type of violence give an account in images of their thoughts and experiences as well as the changes they have undergone and the strength they have found.

This series of photographs provides a narrative of 6 different cases that share a common ground, expressed through the creative prism of photographs shaped and infused by a feminist sensibility.

This project is intended to raise awareness as well as being curative and empowering. We decided to tell our own story.


Photographers : Anna Vilarrubias (@annavilarru), Nathaly Núñez (@heylel), Marina Méndez (@marinamis92), María Lorén (@mackeko), Laia Pérez ( and Sheyla García.
Photographed: Rut Mateu, Glòria Lumbreras, Cristina Ribera, Clara Aucejo, Bea Alba and Sandra Revuelto.