Mi Kintsugi
La Skimal

Mi Kintsugi is a creative and therapeutic journey that goes beyond photography’s formal format.

It is a project that constitutes a process, the creation of an escape route to cope with and transmute processes, and an attempt to heal while learning to value myself just  as I am: Broken and New, Unique, Irreplaceable, and constantly changing. 

Mi Kintsugi means to admire the beauty of scars instead of hiding them, because they are beautiful, and by reconstituting them they make us stronger, they tell our story depicting a specific moment in our life and making us more special. 

They are digital self-portraits created through numerous exposures and other virtual media and then modified with paint  and gold thread. They arise from a double inspiration: my own scar (I had a heart operation when I was two years old), and the Japanese Kintsugi technique.

La Skimal Isabel Flores
La Skimal, Isabel Flores