Pepe Guinea Foto

The day after my initial diagnosis, I started looking for some trace that someone might have left about their process. 

Someone who could show me the way and explain to me the way to deal with this terrible and complex situation.

Towards the end of 2015, I had to undergo a biopsy that was delayed as much as possible because of its possible aftereffects. Once it had been confirmed that my tumour was malignant, the following twelve months involved treatments with radiotherapy and chemotherapy.

Photography has accompanied me on this journey, bringing me close and distancing me from the different situations that have been occurring as and when I have needed.

At times of doubt, photography has provided me with somewhere to find solace. A gateway that has ushered me into a world where I could be a photographer instead of a patient, distancing myself somewhat from despair and anxiety.


Pepe Guinea
Pepe Guinea