Santi Carbonell Foto

In 2004, the journalist Laura Bergés interviewed Santi Carbonell for the local magazine, the Revista de Igualada.

Carbonell reflected openly on his trade and trajectory:

"There comes a time when you realise that your photographs have indeed served a purpose. You haven’t changed the world, and you would be a fool to believe that, but you know they’ve had an impact. I’d like to carry on in this way. Everything that raises awareness is good. It’s more difficult to resolve anything here because people are saturated by images. What do you want to photograph? An abused woman, people dying in the street? We’ve become immune to these circumstances, it’s normal for people to die on the streets. I was made to realise this by a Saharawi refugee child who couldn’t understand that cars had a house while there were homeless people. And I’d never looked at it in that way."

Joan Solé: curator 

Santi Carbonell
Santi Carbonell