Languages of the Body
Eadt Foto

The photographic department of the Tarragona School of Art and Design (EADT) presents “Languages of the Body”, which consists of two student projects that in a highly diverse way take to an extreme the expressivity of the body, both that of humans and of animals.


“Knots”, by Alba Martí, has conducted a visual exploration into body language starting from its transformation through gestures. On the one hand, the tense forms of the body are changed into graphic elements of an impossible alphabet. On the other, the distension and fusion of bodies express feelings that are far removed from articulated language. 

“Flesh”, by Míriam Hierezuelo, takes a critical look at the exploitation of animals. In this project, the violence done to the body and its disfigurement by mutilation become a symbol of human degradation, and places us squarely at the center of an ethical debate about our relationship with all living creatures. 

Escola d’Art i Disseny de la Diputació de Tarragona