In the blink of an eye
Guillermo Franco Foto

In the blink of an eye consists of snapshots of daily life perpetuated by the eye of the photographer.

That which is real – incomprehensible – is revealed as fiction. That which is invisible – essential – is captured by the imagination. That which is trivial, banal, superfluous... all of that acquires value in the light of surprise. Direct takes. Spontaneous. Lived moments. A collection of vignettes in black and white, which depict a moment, a space.

The voyeur leaves his or her gaze to the author. Just wandering around, if one is attentive, gives rise to beautiful, eidetic, memorable images; those which enfold grace. Irony, sensibility, and tenderness. Quite naturally, the now becomes forever. In other words, the ephemeral becomes eternal.

Guillermo Franco
Guillermo Franco