Make of me the offering
Iefc Foto

“Make of me the offering”, three projects about the body as a construction.

The body as metaphor, house, prothesis, an imagined character; the body as dreamer and dreamed, monster, book, sinister, beautiful, clearly drawn and blurred, mirror and mirage. The body as a mystic offering of self-knowledge and veneration.

- The antithesis of the absolute, Ibai Cobo. The house, a metaphor of the mind, enables the exploration of the limited form of identity.

- My monster skin, Laura Aranda Lavado. Fictional autobiography, a story of my own conscious birth.

- The death of identity, Alan Balzac. Search, discovery, and destruction based on the image.

Curated by: Noelia Pérez, professor of the course, Body and Power Photography, taught at the IEFC.


Institut d’Estudis Fotogràfics de Catalunya