The passage of time
10Ateneu Igualadí
Exposicio Centres Educatius Anoia 2024

What photographs can be created under the expression "The passage of time"?

This is the challenge that students have been working on, with the support of their teachers, in
Anoia’s schools. The exhibition of photographs on display is a small collection of the results of their
Treat yourself to the chance to enjoy being spectators here and now.
Observe and think about... What do they make you feel? What do they evoke for you? Do they
inspire you? What thoughts come to your mind?
You can handwrite your thoughts and comments in the guestbook. It will be a way to bring the
visiting public closer to children and young creators.
We hope that the time you spend in this exhibition will be, in some way, lasting.

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Centres Educatius de l’Anoia