Gaze, Light and Equilibrium
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Ricard Duran Foto

“Gaze, Light and Equilibrium” is one way of understanding photography devoid of manipulation, contributing new registers to photographic language in a constant search for light, the production of which is open to different readings.

On the one hand, it enables us to observe the documentary objective, which here is that of showing what Barcelona was like at the time of the Seat 600, religious processions and the Diagonal Avenue empty of traffic. On the other hand, and of even more importance, the aesthetic aspect of an exponent of the New Objectivity movement.

This work is an example of that so-called New Objectivity, a movement that arose in Germany in the early 1920s as a reaction to Expressionism. The formal analysis of our surroundings by means of a meticulous composition of volumes, and the subtle treatment of light that emphasises the contrast of textures, brings the viewer face to face with a balanced and austere reality.

Ricard Duran
Ricard Duran Bargalló