Sary Feo
Sary Feo Foto

In 2014, a series of workshops in photographic language were held at the ONGD Yamuna Centre Educatif Mandrasoa in Vontovorona, Madagascar.

The children learned to regard photography as a way of looking at the world. There they took photographs of their geographical and social surroundings, their family environment and their own emotional landscape.

Thus the Sary Feo project came into being as a way of transferring what was learned at the workshops in order to benefit the rest of the population: an exchange of images for words. These child photographers invited the villagers to swap their stories for an image, thereby generating an extensive archive of photographs and voices that today are kept at the Madagascar National Archive.

Visual and written records that swing back and forth between the public and the private, providing the community with a voice by means of a collective self-portrait.


SARY FEO. Imatge – veu en malgaix. Imagen – voz en malgache. Image – voice in Malgasy

Sary Feo