The language of the image
Gaspar Camps Foto Cataleg

At the Gaspar Camps Municipal School of Art & Design, we have spent the past twenty-five years teaching visual and artistic communication, including photography.
On the one hand, this involves preparing students on the official course in Graphic Advertising for the certificate in this higher diploma, teaching the basics of professional photography, such as the following: perspectives of light, handling a camera, framing, exposure, field depth, lighting, developing, and digital airbrushing. By acquiring these skills, students will be able to take photographs linked to the specific commission of a professional graphic communication project.
On the other hand, students on the dedicated course “Mentored Projects in Photography and Photoshop” enjoy the renewed and free language of today’s photography by using the latest tools that enable them to make an artistic play on any imaginable subject matter. The School plays the role of tutor in the photographic process, pooling the students’ different projects and sharing knowledge and experiences, whether with night-time photos, still lifes, portraits or nudes, at one of the most iconic locations in Igualada, namely, "La Igualadina Cotonera".