Fausti Llucia Foto Autor 1

“Don’t...” was born the danger to which we are all exposed due to volatility of our shadows.
Who among us is not familiar with the capricious, twisted, and elusive nature of shadows? While clinging to our feet and dancing among rocks, steps or thickets, they are always threatening to detach themselves from our shoes and fly off to embark on adventures we cannot even imagine.
They show an agility, speed and courage that we will never achieve. They punish us with the cruelest jokes in order to ridicule us On other occasions, when we are hidden behind our most perfect disguises, they foil our finest strategies, revealing our wicked intentions and portraying us in public with all of their realism and crudeness. We must admit that they may be annoyed because we constantly step on them. However, we each have our own role here and are not about to change that.
Obviously, a series of steps must be taken to remedy this situation. We cannot remain indifferent to the crazed decisions of our shadows all our lives. Any outside observer witnessing this problem would quickly realize the danger we are in. Just when we least expect it, and naturally at the worst possible moment, our shadows will behave like our worst enemies, and could even abandon us without a second thought.
February 2003: I have taken the first step toward keeping our shadows attached.
I hope their immobility will not prove to be contagious.