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MEANINGFUL OBJECTS, an object, a memory, a feeling
Is a photographic project that seeks to reveal the emotional link forged between people and certain objects that –for them- have a unique and personal meaning. The project is based on the realisation that when we reach that stage in life in which we have to leave our own home and move into a care facility or sheltered housing, we inevitably have to get rid of numerous possessions and keep the most important ones. So what we take with us has either a functional purpose or sentimental value.
This work has been conducted between 2013 and 2016 in Sabadell, in cooperation with the Allegra-Vitamagna retirement home, together with the local council’s three old people’s facilities.
The exhibition is a small homage to those anonymous people that will never feature in the annals of history, even though their experiences, -of love, pain, pride, longing and tenacity...– are universal and deserve to be shared.