MUSEUMS “from other times”
Diego Pedra

According to the author, “the photographs are composed by incorporating old photos of relatives into present-day settings, such as landscapes, museums, ruins, etc. The aim is to give these forgotten portraits a new image and a vehicle for remembering them”.

Magic realism was a literary trend that prevailed in the 1960s and 70s as the outcome of the discrepancies between two perspectives that co-existed alongside each other at that time. The right term for this photography is fantasy realism.

Magic realism presents us with a situation that however likely it may be strikes us as strange. The events are real, but they have a fantasy connotation, as some of them cannot be explained, or it is highly improbable they will occur. Photomontage is essential in many cases for composing the image. 

Autordiegopedra Opt
Diego Pedra Benzal