Takushi’s Journey
Takushi Katafuchi Foto

I was born in the countryside, next to the sea, in the south of Japan. After living in Tokyo and New York, in 1989 I decided to travel around Spain with great curiosity.

I visited towns and villages that reminded me of my childhood and my family. The countryside and its grandeur induced in me a state of great inspiration. I took my time in arriving at isolated places, on foot with a knapsack on my back and carrying my camera, with a keen interest in learning about other cultures; the lives of other people; their dwellings; their cuisine; their language; their work; the way in which they welcomed me and made me feel at home.

This exhibition Takushi’s Journey is not an exercise in nostalgia. It consists of the memories of a wonderful journey that seemed somehow familiar to me, and the result of my desire to pay tribute to all those who crossed my path on the way.

Takushi Katafuchi
Takushi Katafuchi