Black and white or grayscale
Joan Domingo Foto

Towards the year 1945 he began to practice amateur photography.

Joan Domingo Bisbal studied at the Arteneu Igualadí Working Classes school, and at the age of 15 began work at the Notary’s office. As a very young man, he collaborated with local sporting and cultural publications.

In 1945, and on the recommendation of Josep Mata, he joined the Agrupació Fotogràfica where he took up photography as an amateur. Taking pictures of landscapes, sunrises and sundowns, trees and streams made him more and more demanding of himself. “I was encouraged by the early prizes I was awarded and strove to improve my work ... to the extent that I received awards at international exhibitions”.

His predilection for the use of a red filter in search of light and transparency effects resulted in works such as El Zagal, Esplai and Poesía Matinal, and eventually led him to photographs in color and the creation of distinctive images that became known as “Johndobianes”, in addition to the 380 awards that are the testimony to his work.

Photos of Joan Domingo Bisbal collection, deposited in the Anoia Regional Archive.

Joan Domingo
Joan Domingo (Jhondobis)