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Robert Ramos Foto

The death of the dictator at the end of 1975 awakened a society that believed it could move forward to achieve rights and freedom.

The first mass protest marches took place in February 1976; in which Robert Ramos participated with his father’s camera in hand, recording intense moments, fleeting instances and overwhelming emotions. He sensed at the time that what he was experiencing would form part of a collective history. As both actor and spectator, what started as a hobby would become a vocation and eventually a profession.

From the earth and beyond the stars that enthralled his gaze, images began to emerge from his viewfinder. Starry nights and warm moons form part of the challenges posed by escapist and atavistic traits thrown up in recent years, far beyond the confines of his profession.

Looking into the far blue yonder, the struggle has no end, and space is infinite.

Robert Ramos
Robert Ramos Gómez